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The Save Loch Urr group has been established to stop Loch Urr, and its surrounding countryside, being destroyed by E.ON's proposal to build 26 wind turbines 418 feet high,  that will, if built, spoil hundreds of acres of countryside around the Loch. We have to stop E.ON and other wind farm developers or the wild beauty of the hills and valleys around Moniaive are likely to vanish under a sea of wind turbines. There are approaching 1,000 giant wind turbines (including the 23 now consented at Blackcraig) operational, consented, in scoping, or in planning within a 25 mile radius of Loch Urr. Click here for full details of what is being proposed by E.ON at Loch Urr. For a map of proposed wind turbines in the area click here.

Save Loch Urr is also campaigning to protect Mochrum Fell, Collieston Hill, Marnhoul Fell and Barlay Hill, which are all also under threat from wind farm developments.

We strongly believe that the cumulative effect of these wind farms will have a severe impact on the environment, landscape, tourism and amenity value of the region, the health and wellbeing of local communities, as well as harming the wildlife and historic heritage of Loch Urr and its surroundings. For more detailed background on what is at risk at Loch Urr read on....


TAKE ACTION - Help stop Loch Urr being destroyed and get involved in protecting the beautiful landscape of Dumfries and Galloway, learn more...

OBJECT - Write to your MP, SMP, the First Minister, the Prime Minister how to object

ABOUT LOCH URR - Learn how Loch Urr's natural and historic heritage is under threat from E.ON's proposed development, more information....

LEARN ABOUT THE IMPACTS OF TURBINES - How wind turbines impact local communities, wildlife, the environment, raise health and safety issues and costs to consumers, learn more...

JOIN US - Do contact us (see Contact us) and we will be happy to provide you with information on how you can help and to include you on our mailing list if you would like to be kept updated about news and events relating to Loch Urr.

The proposal by E.ON

The Proposal by E.ON

E.ON is a German power generation company who are proposing to surround Loch Urr with 26 wind turbines of 127 metres (416 feet).The proposed Loch Urr site will cover hundreds of acres of unspoilt countryside and will be sited adjacent to the now consented BlackCraig wind farm of 23 110 metre turbines. Click here for full details of the proposed wind farm at Loch Urrr.

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