Save Loch Urr 2014

Save Loch Urr now has over 200 active Members and Supporters. All local people who have been prepared to take action to help protect the beautiful landscape of Dumfries and Galloway,  its wildlife, and its local communities from the industrial scale wind farm developments being proposed in the area.

Public meetings have been held in Corsock and Moniaive. E.ON and politicians have been lobbied, and nearly 70 people turned out in wet and windy conditions to march around Loch Urr to make it clear how important Loch Urr is our local communities.

Many have volunteered their time to support events, design art work, deliver leaflets and spread the word amongst friends and family, highlighting how these proposed developments are likely to impact our communities for over the next 20 years.

The Save Loch Urr Team would like to thank each and every one of our Members and Supporters for all of their support to date and look forward to working with you and welcoming many new members in the months to come.


Who we are

Who we are - Glenkens communities come together to fight the proposed wind farm at Loch Urr

The Save Loch Urr campaign group has been established by local communities living in the Glenkens to help protect the rich natural and historic heritage of Loch Urr and its surroundings, for current and future generations to enjoy.

Some of us care about the wildlife, others are more concerned about protecting the historical heritage, others are fearful for the financial impact of the wind farm on their businesses or property, others simply want to enjoy the sense of peace and escape that this beautiful unspoilt corner of Galloway bestows. 

However, we all share one goal and this is to protect the area from the 50 proposed giant wind turbines that will destory the area as well as threatening to impact Urr Water.

First Save Loch Urr meeting

The first Save Loch Urr meeting was held in Corsock Village Hall on 30th April 2012. With over 40 people and an additional 40 offering to provide help and support the campaign, and this is just in Corsock! A decision was made there and then to establish the Save Loch Urr campagin group and to fight the proposal by E.ON.


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