Loch Urr's wildlife under threat


Red squirrels, otters, whooper swans, red kites, barn owls, hen harriers, goosanders, peregrine, and brown long-eared bats are just some of the species that make their home on or around Loch Urr. Over 800 pairs of black-headed gulls nest on rough island and red listed species of conservation concern include, tree pipit, grasshopper warbler, lesser redpoll, song thrush, crossbill and spotted flycatcher.

Resident brown trout and migratory salmon both spawn at Loch Urr and if you are near Loch Urr in the spring you are likely to hear your first cuckoo of the summer as several pairs nest there.

So how will the proposed wind farm impact them? Likely impacts include;

  • Collision risk with the rotating blades of the turbines (birds and bats)
  • Disruption of flight lines due to barrier effect of turbines (birds and bats)
  • Loss of habitat (mammals, birds, bats, fish)
  • Degradation of habitat (mammals, birds, bats, fish)
  • Displacement and disturbance (mammals, birds, bats, fish)

Over a million people in this country support the RSPB because they care about protecting wildlife and thousands of people belong to the Scottish National Trust and the Scottish Wildlife Trust - again because they care about protecting nature.

So why is it that the Scottish Government and the wind development companies are being allowed to even consider destroying a site that provides a haven for so many species of conservation concern? 

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