Cumulative Negative Impact of proposed wind turbines

As of January 2014 there are over 1,000 wind turbines (all over 100 metres) being proposed within a 17 mile radius of Loch Urr. Closest to Loch Urr, are Collieston Hill (up to 18 turbines proposed), Mochrum Fell (11 turbines proposed), Benshinnie Parton (24 turbines proposed), Marnhoul, Corsock (upto 16 turbines proposed), Stroanshalioch, Moniaive (up to 16 turbines proposed), Shepherds' Rig (upto 45 turbines proposed).

We strongly believe that the cumulative effect of these wind farms will have a severe impact on the environment, landscape, tourism and amenity value of the region, the health and wellbeing of local communities, as well as harming the wildlife and historic heritage of Loch Urr and its surroundings. For more detailed background on what is at risk at Loch Urr read on....


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